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Procurement through Falcon Strategic Partners

In order to meet our distribution requirements throughout our markets, Falcon has entered into various strategic partnerships with factories producing a range of different species.


Our partnership in Senegal ensures a diversified list of seafood species suitable for both the European and West African markets. Our factory, situated in Dakar, is EU approved as well as cleared for export to China. Quality is constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure that a first class product is always available.

Senegal Senegal Senegal

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South Africa - Lobster

We specialise in the suppy of Jasus lalandi (also called Cape Rock Lobster or West Coast Rock lobster) is a species of spiny lobster found in the pristine cold waters off the south African coast.

Jasus lalandi Jasus lalandi Jasus lalandi
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South Africa - Squid

We are also able to provide top quality squid from the best producers in South Africa.

Squid boat Squid boat Squid

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